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Welcome to Karlssons Musik´s web site.
We are a company (est. 1970) in the west of Sweden specialized in accordions. This means chromatic accordions, piano accordions, diatonic accordions, concertinas, spare parts, gig-bags, service, tuning, CD´s with accordion instruments, accessories, microphones etc. Everything that is connected to accordions.

New & second hand accordions
We work with new accordions mainly from Italy and Germany and we have constantly a large stock of second-hand accordions in all price levels. We have also developed small professional instruments, especially made for us. These models have made great success in the Swedish market. You can see some of the models on this web site, just click on "Dragspel", "Durspel" and "Bildarkiv".

Music productions
We have also produced some recordings with "accordion music" during the years, the most successful of these recordings are the CD´s "Lars Karlsson Band" and "Inspiration" with Lars Karlsson. Recently we have procuced the CD "Good Morning" and "Å så svänger vi ett tag" with Bröderna Trück (jazz from the 30:ies and 40:ies) and the CD "In Concert behind Accordion" with Jörgen Sundeqvist (classical music, together with Anthony Galla-Rini).
The latest production is "Tungo" with Lars Karlsson Band.

From time to time we also arrange concerts with different accordion artists and we also arrange happenings in our shop with well-known artists (a lot of the most prominent and famous Swedish accordion artists have bought their accordions from us).

CD shop
CD´s with accordions have become a big part of our business the last years and we have now recordings from a lot of different countries. The titles you can find in our "webshop" are all with the accordion instrument (standard accordions, convertor accordions, diatonic accordions etc) as a main instrument and therefore we have no particular style - there is jazz, folklore, cajun, zydeco, swing, musette, blues, tango, classical music etc.

Karlssons musiks accordion museum
In our shop we also have an accordion museum with more than 100 accordions from around 1880 and later, some of these accordions are very unique and all of them are in very good condition. See more about this when you click on the "Museum" button.

Where to find us
If you plan to visit us you can find a map together with detailed travel information when you click on the "Kontakt & Karta" button.  


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Karlssons Musik AB
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+46 300 545119


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